Carving new dimensions, creating numerous opportunities for unlimited growth


Each and every one of us is responsible for Enabling ourselves to meet the expectations of our valued customers to develop their everlasting trust in us.

Corporate Message

Team of Pacific Group must instill that each one of us is a leader with unique and unmatched qualities, our actions should reflect our leadership aura and our drive for the organization must display honest intentions and we must remain accountable for our actions.


CEO Message

” Its the First Step that requires lot of courage, so I took the baby step in 1999 and entered the corporate world with faith and humbleness and Allah the Almighty paved way for me to what we are today as a group. I have put my heart and soul with resilience and perseverance and never looked back on the shadows of darkness and today when I see my followers building upon my steps and taking my efforts to new horizons, I feel gratified”

Maj (R) Shahid Hafeez

Executive Director Message

“Leading from the front, taking ownership of entrusted responsibilities with the strong feel of being accountable is the moral obligation of a leader. setting achievable standards is professionalism, but being focused on performance with Integrity is what builds and grows organizations. Go for the unachievable and the results will be surprisingly awesome”

Capt (R) Shah Rukh Khan